Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sign Up for More?

I just found out I was accepted into a K30 program. That's an NIH-sponsored program where you learn how to conduct research -- ethics, statistics, logistics of research. I'd do classes during my next year of fellowship, and then I'd do another year of "fellowship" which would be most research. I'd have a class or 2 to take.

Now I have to decide if I want to do the program. It would give me more options. I'm always up for a challenge. I enjoy research. It would provide me a good framework to get an academic position.

It's another year of poor pay. It's another year of instability and "temporary-ness." It's another year of putting off the real world. It's another year of waiting for life to start.

I have 6 or 8 weeks to decide. No pressure. :)


christian girl said...

i'm always up for putting off the real world. just kidding! it's a tough one! good luck deciding! let me know if you need someone to listen to you talk out the pros & cons. :)

Julia said...

good luck with your decision. gotta be tough. let us know what happens!

Just a Doc said...

Christian Girl - I may take you up on that. :) Working at the Zoo this weekend, perhaps we can get coffee sometime?

Me said...

Congrats Doc. Glad to hear that someone else is still trying to figure out what to do with their life. I got all my stuff in by the July 1st deadline to get into the MA Sociology program. I'll keep you posted.