Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I know that's a strange title for New Year's Day, but I am feeling especially thankful today.

My charity event is really coming together. With this event, I've had to ask a lot of people for favors, to be generous, to sacrifice. It's not something I enjoy doing, as I hate feeling like I'm using my friends.

Well, I emailed a friend who is amazingly talented and has her own jewelry line (www.understateddesigns.com - check it out!). I asked if she'd be willing to either donate a piece, which would be awesome, or even design a piece unique for us, that people could buy to support our cause...which would be out of this world! I prefaced it all by saying there was no obligation, no pressure, and no hard feelings if she couldn't commit. I told her that I didn't want her to feel "used," but that I really admired her work.

Her reply was so touching to me, that I teared up immediately. She said, "First of all, when you are doing something like this, you must realize it can only be The Great Deceiver telling you that you are "using" anyone. if people are not honored to be asked to participate in such a great thing, that's their problem. i am absolutely delighted that you thought of me, and i LOVE the opportunity to do stuff like this."

I am so thankful for such graceful, amazing friends.
I am thankful that I'm turning 30 this year, and I'm right where I wanted to be.
I'm thankful for my loving, giving family. For my husband, who is supportive, energetic and my life source.

And I'm thankful for the charity event -- for the chaos, for the small victories, for the generosity of the residents...for the chance to do something for the countless people in Kenya fighting HIV.