Monday, March 31, 2008

Babies Galore

So, I had a few brush-ins with kids this weekend -- real and virtual.

First the real: I went to a friend's BBQ yesterday. He and his fiance (mostly his fiance) are having a baby in the fall. They are super excited! At their party was a Dad and his twin girls -- about 2 years old. His wife was home with a 3 month old. I gave him a gold start for bravery -- taking twins to a friend's BBQ?? Wow.

My other friends were there, sans their little boy. He's adorable and almost 2. He wasn't planned, though his parents love him to death. But, I can feel from the Mom that she's not 100%-all-the-time on board with having a child. He's been sick a lot since starting pre-school, they can't hop on a plane and go to Jamaica, they have to get a sitter to go out with friends...And it's put a hamper on her career for sure. But, then she'd talk about him and all the words he's learning, and she'd just light up.

Contrast that with another friend -- he turned 30 this weekend, and he and his wife had a big party. Their daughter is the absolute light of their lives. The Mom stays home with the little girl, totally content to just be there and raise her.

My virtual run ins: Lil Kate is now the proud fiance to a man with 3 boys (ages 6-9). She has become "Instant Mom" in a way (just add water). Very different, because they aren't her biological children, they don't live with her and the Fiance all the time, etc. However, still a big adjustment and a big mental leap to take.

Second, is my friend (whose amazing blog is here). Her sister had a baby (unplanned, but very loved). My Friend can't wait to find her One and have a family. Her sister, however, is lamenting over missed social events and fun times with friends. I'm not AT ALL trivializing this sentiment...that's my sentiment! That's how I feel. My Friend and I are so similar, but we don't quite see eye to eye on the baby issue. I am trying to do some soul searching and figure out why I'm so reticent to jump in to the baby pool. [Unlike my Sister and Niece -- watch Hannah swim!] Perhaps when I have a stable job, income and house, it'll be different...???

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well, it's finished. A year in the making and our charity event was amazing! We had about 200 people buy tickets, 68 auction items sold, and one lucky winner got a week vacation in Belize!

Jesse Spencer did an amazing job as our host for the evening. He really brought the heart of AMPATH home to a few hundred people. He highlighted the holistic approach that AMPATH takes in treating patients, getting them job skills and helping them achieve independence. (for more, go here)

My mom, brother and sister came out for the event. That was a great time. I didn't expect anyone to come out -- I mean, I wasn't graduating, I didn't feel like I had accomplished anythign that warranted people flying out to LA. However, I'm so glad they did! I couldn't have done it without their help -- they really stepped up and made the whole day run very smoothly. The Bro and Sis did a great job with the backdrop -- they made the red carpet really work!

The Residents did a great job, as well! They checked in over 200 people in less than one hour. They answered questions and sold raffle tickets. They managed the silent auction and got the winners their items in a seamless fashion. It was quite impressive.

Overall, we raised $32,000 which goes a long way in Kenya! And, at the end of the night, that's what it was all about. We had people from such varied backgrounds all coming together to help fight HIV/AIDS. It was heartwarming in every sense of the word. Thank you to everyone who made this night so special...Thank you for caring enough to give of your time and money for those less fortunate...Thank you for giving them hope.

To make a donation or read more about the event, please visit our charity website.