Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Beautiful Sight

This is just a quick snapshot of something I saw last weekend while moonlighting. I wish I could've gotten an actual snapshot, but here's my description.

There was an elderly woman in a hospital gown, walking down the hallway. She had her slippers on, and her shoulders were slightly hunched over. From her left arm sleeve, IV tubing came out and stretched behind her to the IV pole.

The IV pole was attended to by her husband, an elderly gentleman with the same slight hunch. He had his right hand on the pole, pushing it at the exact right pace to keep up with his wife. His left hand cradled the IV tubing, so it wouldn't pull at her arm.

Seeing them together caused me to smile. I'm sure they don't have the perfect marriage, and who knows how long they've been together. Perhaps they're celebrating 50 years. Perhaps they've just recently found each other. In either case, the dedication he showed her was genuine and touching. I hope to be so lucky as to have my partner with me during my time of need.

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