Monday, June 14, 2010

Proud Asian Mom

This past weekend was the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade. It was fantastic. There were lots of fancy costumes, lots of floats about safe sex and HIV awareness, and a lot of half-naked men. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon if you ask me.

It was the 40th anniversary of the gay pride parade. There's a great history of the parade at this link if you go the side link that says "history." Quite amazing.

There was one parade participant who nearly brought me to tears. The elderly lady above was walking with 2 young men. Her sign says, "Proud Asian Mom of a Gay Kid." This woman registered as a parade participant. She may have had to pay an entrance fee. She had to make her sign. She went through all that trouble to show support for her son.

How amazing. My mom doesn't have to march in a parade to show her support for me. I'd like to think she would if it came down to that. As it stands, my vote for Mother of the Year goes to this proud Asian mom. And I'm sure there's a proud Asian kid out there who thinks the same thing.

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