Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, one of the other fellows and I have taken up to playing the Lottery each week. We put in $1-2 and pick which Lottery we want to play. I'm waiting for that late night phone call to come in, telling me we're winners.

What would I do if I won? Well, of course it depends on how much. But, if we're talking a prize of at least $100k...

Well, I'd like to pay off my med school loans. Those are totaling about $200k last I checked. I'd pay off a big chunk of that, for sure.

I'd stop moonlighting if I had any left over. I am tired of working so much extra. That's probably the first change I'd make.

I'd like a new car - nothing fancy, just a Jeep Wrangler. Not even the Special Edition.

I'd probably hit the outlet mall for a new wardrobe. I'd say >50% of my clothes are hand-me-downs from my well-dressed aunt. I'm super thankful, because they are awesome and new to me! But, it'd be nice to actually choose some different outfits.

I'd give a bunch away. I've got some great charities I'd like to support more. I like Project Angel Food. Doctors without Borders. International Justice Mission. To name a few.

I'd like to open my own clinic. This would only be if I hit it big. Like $10 million big. I'd model it after the CORE Center in Chicago. Create a truly comprehensive place for people with HIV and Hepatitis to come for treatment, social services, dental work, massage therapy, etc. People would pay on a sliding scale. It would be awesome.

So, keep your fingers crossed. The next drawing is tomorrow night. I hope to be writing a new post on Thursday, detailing my trip out to pick up my oversized check. :)


christian girl said...

you're so awesome. too cool. :)

Julia said...

too funny! good luck... you forgot that you would set up a college fund for your fave niece and nephew! ;)