Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dairy Queen and Popcorn

There are a few things that were staples growing up. Baseball. Summer days at the local (man-made) lake. Sleepovers at the Neighbors. Nighttime snacks.

Nighttime snacks were either ice cream or popcorn. Dad makes the best popcorn - on the stove with oil and everything. We always eat it with cheese. I don't know why, we just do. Bite of cheese, few kernels of popcorn...yum.

Or we'd have ice cream. Sometimes plain vanilla or Neapolitan. Sometimes we'd crush up Oreos or candy canes. Sometimes we'd get the ice cream with fudge swirls or put our own Hershey syrup on top.

I was home this past weekend with all the sibs, and it was awesome. We had a blast together. It's nice to see them and hang out as adults. I really appreciate their unique personalities. I see how my life has been -- and continues to be -- enriched by each of them. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful siblings. We played hours and hours of beanbags. We played games at the kitchen table. We laughed with my niece and nephew. We visited Grandma together. We made fun of each other, exercised together, and made dinner together.

And, of course, we ate ice cream and popcorn.

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Julia said...

definitely a blast... ice cream was awesome. popcorn... awesome. bean bags... awesome. games... awesome. making fun of each other...awesome!!