Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big 3-0

So, my husband just turned 30 on Valentine's Day. We are both looking forward to 30, unlike most people. I feel like we've been working really hard throughout our 20s, and I'm hoping for a big payoff in my 30s! I think we've spent the last 10 years putting ourselves in the best position possible for success.

We've been saving a lot, so I hope we can get a condo this year.

We've been working a lot, and I think we're both making strides in our respective professions. My abstract was accepted at the ACP annual meeting in DC this May. I'll put together a poster for the event, and the local ACP chapter is going to repay my expenses!

It's strange, because I remember my dad's 30 birthday party. I was 6. My mom threw a surprise party for him, which was fun! Remember hiding behind the chair, jumping out and yelling "Surprise!" Weird that my parents had 3 kids at that point. My life is turning out very different from my parents, and I keep telling myself that (like that old commercial) "different is good."

Here's to 30. We'll see if I feel that way in 2 weeks, after my birthday. :)

Oh, please check out the charity website: -- you can make a donation or buy tickets for the event. Get your tickets asap as we've got a limited number to sell!

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