Sunday, October 14, 2007

Music to My Ears

This might be the most personal post I ever make. It's definitely the most personal one I've made so far.

I was walking from autopsy rounds a few days ago (yes, in the morgue), and I had a very strange sense of peace wash over me -- and my main thought was how loved I felt. From my friends and family. And from my husband.

My husband is an interesting man. Without going into "How do I love thee..." let me give one example: he sings to me. He is an awful singer (as am I, which is why I can say that). But, what he sings are his own made-up songs. About me, about us, about what we're doing that day. Little jingles that encapsulate whatever he's feeling at the time. I realized a few days ago how much I love that about him.

A friend of mine has a blog, dedicated to hear search for her perfect man (See: I was fortunate to meet my husband in college, and I have seen in my many single friends how hard post-college life makes it to meet someone. Especially when you're in residency and have no time to just hang out randomly waiting to meet Mr. Right. Hang in there, Christian Girl, God's got one out there for you. In the mean time, keep blogging, as your escapades light up my day!

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