Thursday, August 30, 2007


I was ruminating today on the topic of dreams. Not dreams as in nighttime, REM state, etc. I never remember those. I was thinking about goals, aspirations, where-you-see-yourself-in-twenty-years kind of dreams. As eloquently stated in Pretty Woman: "Welcome to Hollywood...what's your dream?!"

I've been lucky in that I was raised with a "sky's the limit" mentality. Whatever I wanted to do, I could -- just put in the hard work, and it'll pay off.

I had an experience recently, where I wanted to tackle something that I have never done before and have no knowledge about: putting on a fundraiser. I have a big dream for this -- it's going to benefit the group I worked with in Kenya, that works with HIV patients. A cause to which I've dedicated my life.

So, I starting asking people with experience, people who have done this for a living. They all said, "Great cause, great idea, you can't do it if you've never done it before. You'll waste your time. You won't get the support you need." I kindly thanked them for their time and their opinions, and I kept moving on. Several residents have also dedicated themselves to this project, so we all just kept moving.

I just got word today that a big institution is going to sponsor our event -- lend their name and their credibility to a bunch of people who have no idea what they're doing, but are doing it all for the good of the less fortunate.

We've got a lot of work ahead of us, but naysayers beware -- we're moving forward!

So, I ask you, all the way from Hollywood: what's YOUR dream?

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Julia said...

can't wait to hear more about it!!