Monday, August 6, 2007

Another test?!?!!?

That's right, another test. Just one week from tomorrow, I will sit for my boards. And I mean SIT -- for 8 hours, in front of a computer screen, answering any and every question about...medicine. All of it. Oh, the joy. I want to poke my eye out with my pencil.

When will the madness end?!?? When will They realize that I can look up any answer that I don't know on my palm pilot in 15 seconds. I don't need to memorize charts or medication side effects. I CAN LOOK THEM UP when I need them. Gone are the days of 3000 page Physician Desk Reference books on medications. Gone.

Regardless, They have got me by the throat and they are squeezing a board exam out of me. Let's all have a moment of silence and say a quick prayer that I'll come out victorious. If not, well, I was the top seller of Girl Scout cookies when I was 11. [Well, not really, but I was close.]


Julia said...

GOOD LUCK! let us know how it goes! love you.

Me said...

You'll do well. Email me if you have any questions. I've been studying multidrug resistant TB (also known as MDRTB for those of us "in the know") the last couple days. I think I know a thing or two. Good luck and Godspeed (which, I'm guess is quite fast).

Me said...

Oh, and "me" = "Jerry" :)

Lil Kate said...

SO???? How did it go???? Did you survive? Did you pass? Did you pass out?