Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"You'd be amazed."

This is a completely non-medical post, so if you normally read this for the medicine, you can skip this one. Just to make it worth your while, here are two snippets: 1) we may have a man with measles up at the Zoo and b) we have a super resistant bacteria in a patient with no good options to treat him. So grab your Purell and come back in a few days, I should have a medical post by then.

I have been having a few days of feeling unappreciated. Underappreciated? Whatever. You know those days where you think, "Why doesn't anyone say thank you? Am I completely invisible?" I started thinking that I could disappear for a few days and relatively few people would notice and probably even fewer would really care or worry. I just starting feeling insignificant.

Now, to be honest, I haven't gone to church much lately. Ok, at all. In like weeks. OK!, OK! months. Geez, cut me some slack, I work most every Sunday. I remembered that song from Veggie Tales - "God is bigger than the boogie man..." And I realized that God cares, God appreciates me, God smiles when I do something nice for someone.

I read this blog that reminded me that not only is God an encouraging supportive force in my life, but God is also a strong protector. Check out this blog if you have time; grab a box of tissues before you go. This woman has the strength of an ox, and she reminded me that with God we can do anything. I love love love how she finished a recent blog, so I'm going to leave you with her thoughts:

"If this past year has taught me anything, it is that I can lean hard on my God. He can handle it all. Every priest and pastor who has counseled me along the way has said just that. The error comes in thinking that He cannot, in thinking that we have to shoulder the fear, anger, frustration, and hate ourselves. We don’t. It is not our job. God can even handle the F-bomb. You’d be amazed."

Amen, sister. God can handle the F-bomb.

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Julia said...

i'm so sorry. i know i have contributed to that feeling by not saying thank you for the gift. i'm seriously horrible at that and it's not an excuse, it's the truth. (plus, i wasn't sure if i should wait until i received the second part).

i'm sure that being a doctor is filled with unappreciativeness (and my lack of saying thank you attributed to that) but yes, God loves you no matter what. all the time. even when you think no one else is listening.

love you.