Monday, March 8, 2010

Unlimited Energy

I'm back home, visiting my parents, sister and her husband, and my niece and nephew. My niece is nearly 3 and my nephew just turned 1. They are adorable. I love them to pieces.

They wear me out.

My sister has a long body pillow, like 4-5 feet long, and we found it yesterday. My niece loves it. We discovered a game today, which she calls "Hannah's Game." Hannah's Game is going to be the death of me.

We put the pillow on the arm of the couch. She then sits on the pillow, balancing, while I sit on the floor. We pretend she is getting off balance, and I pull her and the pillow off into my lap. That's fun, but that's not the end of it.

Next, I hold the pillow with her laying in it. One hand on her lower back, one hand under her legs. Then we count to three and I launch her and the pillow up on to the couch. She weighs about 30lbs, I'd guess. So, it's like military pressing 30lb. Over and over and over again. She shrieks with delight, and says, "I haffa do it again!" After about 20 rounds of Hannah's Game, I need a break! Fortunately, I can usually distract her with a less intense game while I recover.

I'm sure the afternoon will have many more rounds of Hannah's Game for us to enjoy. I'm hoping I can come up with an easier game for tomorrow, or I'm going to be one sore puppy.

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