Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas! You have cancer.

So, Christmas time is great, except when you're sick. And except when you're taking care of the sick people. This past week has been full of not-fun things.

- I diagnosed someone with metastatic cancer
- I watched a family opt to turn off life support
- I told a daughter that grandma won't be able to leave the hospital in time to go on the family cruise
- I can't figure out why my lady with her second organ transplant is back in the ICU
- I handed a man his vomit bucket as he told me hasn't been able to eat in 17 days
- I got the autopsy results from a 33 year old patient, and I'm still not sure why he died

It's been full of little miracles, too, if I think about it.

- Mr. M took his first steps in the 6 weeks since his liver transplant
- Mr. L is going to make it home on Thursday, in time for Christmas with his wife
- Mr. H got his liver transplant a week ago and is sailing along
- Ms. O is home, even though she doesn't have a diagnosis yet
- Mr. K isn't having 18 bowel movements a day since the treatment finally started to work

I guess that's the way life is. Ebbs and flows. Ups and downs. Without one, how would you know the other? Without a low, how could you recognize (let alone appreciate) a high? So, I'll be thankful today for both the trials and the joys. I can learn from the trials, making the joys that much more exhilarating.

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Julia said...

wow. crazy. those kinds of sadnesses sure are tough this time of year. But thank God for the miracles.