Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's the Jewish new year. I'm not Jewish, but one of my best buddies is. Inspired by another (non-Jewish) friend, I'm going to use this time to Atone, just like the Jews. Atone, fast, then feast. I'm going to skip the last two. Unless you count a cinnamon chip scone from Panera as a feast, then I've got 2/3.

Things I'm sorry for:

1. Not calling home enough. I live so far away and I love my family so much, you'd think I'd be better at this. Sure, the time change makes it hard to call them. My 'rents and my sister go to bed fairly early. The bro's probably don't, but I don't know. I feel like I'm barging in to their lives when it might not be convenient. But Doc, you say, if it's a bad time, they'll let it ring and call you back. You, my reader, are correct. This leads me to #2.

2. Not giving other people a chance to say no. I never want to bother anyone, never want to burden them and never want to be intrusive. Thus, I never ask people to help me. This is bad, I've realized, for two reasons. A) I often need help and make myself crazy trying to do it all myself and B) People often like to help! I know I like to be helpful. I like to do things for other people, so it would stand that other people would like to do things for me. So, I'm going to try and be less self-sufficient and ask people for help when I need it.

3. Pride. I'm not a terribly prideful person, but my pride definitely gets in the way sometimes (see #2). I'll try to be more humble and if I do something stupid, I'll just own up to it. I need to laugh at myself more anyway.

4. Smell the roses. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I need to take some breaks, not work myself to death. I need to reconnect with things I love to do: drawing, making cards, camping, reading for fun. I do have a life outside of work, I just need to find it again.

A friend of my Jewish Buddy died unexpectedly and suddenly at the age of 31. I new her fairly well. It was a big shock, obviously. So, it's given us both a new sense of what's important in life.

*Do what makes you happy.
*Do what brings you joy.
*Hug the people you love.
*Don't worry who thinks you're crazy.
*Be the best person you can be.

I hope I can work on my shortcomings, and I hope I can live this next year to its fullest. Happy New Year everyone!


Ask Angie said...

Wow! It's amazing how similar our atonments are (or would be if I had atoned). I too struggle with connecting with far away friends. And my day to day has way too much TV and not enough human interaction. I don't volunteer anymore and that's sad and needs to change. Thanks for inspiring!

joyce said...

i miss your cards! :)

Julia said...

love you too!! and i also apologize for not calling you more often. sometimes i use the excuse that you are the busier person, so you'll just call me when YOU have the time.. bad of me, i know. but yes, call anytime of the day or night. (remember that time i called you at 9am... eastern time??? that was funny!) anyway, love you.