Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So, the timing is pretty poor, but I've come down with some illness. In my best estimation, I'd say either bronchitis or pneumonia. I hesitate with a simple bronchitis because I have such a productive cough. I even coughed up a mucus plus last night. It was nasty.

Fortunately, I started antibiotics today, and I'm hoping to be in top shape on Sunday. Again, luckily for me, I'm on a lighter rotation, and my attending was fine with me taking a day off. I can remember the last day I took off. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, 2005. I had to get someone to cover my clinic because I had a temperature to 102.

I don't like calling in sick. Don't get me wrong, I often fantasize about staying home from work, watching television all day, or going to the beach. However, I feel a strong commitment to my patients that I be there for them. And, I do love my job (most days!), so it's not torture going in. Today, however, I felt I'd just spread my germs around, and we don't need any transplant patients coming down with whatever nastiness I have.

So, I'm taking it easy today. I should have a light day tomorrow and Friday. The Brothers come in tomorrow, so that's exciting. I hope I don't get any of them sick!

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Julia said...

aww... sucks your sick. hope you get better before Sunday. Sorry I can't be there, but you guys have fun! have a few drinks for me!