Friday, January 2, 2009

A December to Remember

Well, I finished by "31 Friends in 31 Days" experiment. I successfully sent 31 emails to 31+ people throughout December to tell them what they mean to me.

I'll be honest -- I missed a day here and there, so some people got it the day after their assigned day...but they didn't need to know that I was slow on delivering. Besides that little hang up, it went smashingly well.

I learned a lot in this experiment.

1. We don't tell people we love them nearly enough. (I hope to do a better job of this in the future.)
2. People enjoy knowing that they mean something to you.
3. It doesn't take much time to tell people how wonderful they are.
4. When I really looked at my friends and what their best qualities are, I found a lot of similar through lines. Generosity. Loyalty. Sacrifice. It seems that I am drawn to people with these qualities...they certainly make for awesome friends.

So, don't be afraid to tell people what they've done for you, what they mean to you, etc. We shouldn't have to wait for some tragedy to tell people how amazing they are. I think it's awesome to think that perhaps my everyday actions can touch people in ways that mean something. So, when people do that for me, I am going to tell them.

Spread the Love.

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BP said...

Hi Erica... I have to tell me how much you humbled me with your words. I still can't think of the right response but I'll just say I loved you guys immensely "back in the day" (yes, I still do) and I am so glad I was able to have even the smallest bit of impact on your life. You continue to rock my world!