Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tomorrow is Thursday and Thanksgiving. And another day of work at the VA.

I met two vets today -- they are roommates right now. I was consulted on both of them. One (Mr. H) for bacteria in his blood and one (Mr. R) for a possible wound infection. When I saw the 2nd one, at the end of the day, it was dinner time. Both had gotten their dinner trays.

I finished talking to Mr. R and on my way out, said hi to Mr. H, who I had seen earlier in the day. He asked when he was going to get his food. He had a tray on his table, so I lifted the top and asked, "Isn't it in here?" He said no, that it wasn't right.

Mr. R said, "Oh, he needs a new tray, he can't eat the pork."

I was struck by this -- Mr. R and Mr. H had obviously talked about why Mr. H wasn't eating his dinner. Mr. H has dementia, and he's very pleasant, but he may have forgotten to tell the nurse that the pork was not something he should be eating. I found it very sweet that Mr. R was looking out for Mr. H, making sure he got a dinner he could eat.

What else could you ask for on Thanksgiving -- or any day -- but someone to watch out for you and make sure you got a meal you could eat?

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Julia said...

happy thanksgiving! hope you get to relax a little. love you.